80’s and 90’s designs became the now-days modern digital production !

I’m in love with the digital productions trends, reminding me with 80’s and 90’s music video’s, films and computer’s.

If you watched a movie called “Back to Future” this is how I feel when I see one of the new digital productions , more or less for me its the same theme but I call it “Back to Past”, lets take a look on some trendy ones by using one photo and turn it into different style :


In the past, the glitch was a a true manifestation inside of the system, but in now days is a visual style characterized by using digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes. Whether that be intentional or by accident.

Here is a glitch of my own Supra, an original photo taken by my iPhone, checkout below the difference between the original and the edited one.

swipe (right and left) to check on the original Vs. Glitch

Glitch your pics now!


Vaporwave visuals became very popular now, its mix of like neon-lit and childhood metallic. since 2011 it started to used as a music cover. Moreover, sonically and visually, vaporwave familiar with infomercials, retro video games, ’80s and ’90s TV, old-school Word Art.

Above I used same original photo for my supra and I turned it to vaporwave design.