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DA Contextual Report

My BCM 114 DA is the UOWD Media Club social media platforms, since I joined UOWD I was asking if there was any media club, until I relished that UOW Australia they have a digital media community. I asked around again, until I found that one of the students wants to create a society to gather all BCM students by creating a weekly and monthly newsletter and showcase the student work on the weekly newsletter. Moreover, I know the fact is we need to create something new and creative.

I started this project for a purpose, UOWD Media Club aims to connect with students via communication channels on the internet and create a space where every student is welcome to engage, participate and ask questions. It aims to be students’ online friend and guide.

The Club will focus on introducing students to different forms of media. And sparking creativity and enthusiasm via suitable events and challenges, but especially by sharing success stories that supply students hope and aspiration. 

The UOWD Media Club envisions a united and motivated community of students that share a sense of belonging, and experience personal and professional growth together. It envisions students to have the opportunity to share, discover, explore, and pursue their interests/talents in different forms of media while also learning from others.

First I started with the logo and theme and the design, I was insist to make the logo color and font close to the University original font and colors theme. 

First thing I did, I published the logo, I wants to know if the students will like the ide and the logo design, plus it’s a chance to gain followers.

Later, I have created Eid greeting card, it was a step of our marketing plan, I posted and shared the link on the students and what’s app group, to gain more followers and we increased from 15 to 25 followers.

On the other hand, I started also working on another platform, I created a twitter account and I started to tweet and retweet students work and blogs, I noticed that the audience on twitter engaged faster than Instagram. 

I struggled a bit in theme design, so myself and club executive members worked together, and tried to put the ideas together, our creative member designed posts backgrounds, it took us weeks to finalize theme and colors. However, after many designs we agreed to stay with our theme color and play with the posts and videos frames.

By the end of the trimester, I finalized the base of this DA, and its time to focus on the next, many ideas are there, but I decide it to go ahead with our first project, DA Clinic! from student to the students. 

This project will start immediately after the summer break, basically this will help and guide the students to deal with their DA’s, to keep their DA active and to find the best way to keep there project live. 

Looking forward for the next .. stay tuned 

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