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Project Beta BCM114

Hello 👋

As I mentioned earlier, my DA for BCM114 is UOWD Media Club, I mentioned the idea behind this and why I picked this to be my project.

Here I will talk about the process and the prototype of this project, but you should know how I struggled in the beginning.

Since I started this project, It took me 6 weeks to reach the right person in the concerned department at the University, yes 6 weeks ! well let me clarify it more, 6 weeks until I got I reply and to have a meeting with the person in-charge of the Uni clubs.

I was also very shocked when I submit the Club Application, It got rejected! and they mentioned to me that your submission is not completed! wait, Im was sure of what I submit, so I asked for a meeting Immediately I got different appointments and all was a clash with my working hours or with my classes timing. However, I asked for another day and time and I was lucky to get it.

I went for that meeting, and the first thing that I did is to ask how and why my submission in not completed? the answer was ” no its completed, but there was an Issue with the PC so we tried to open the file on another PC and it was ok. ” I asked then why I got a reply that my papers are not completed, but I was not a lucky enough to have an answer on this. Moreover, things like this it makes any one disappointed, Imagine if you have a busy season at work, like working 12 hours a day with big responsibilities, plus uni classes and etc.. you wouldn’t accept any one to not to take you or your project seriously, that was a waste of time and Energy for me, but I will make things up and will move forward because this project means a lot to me. Checkout my beta updates below:

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