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UOWDMC : Under Construction 🚧

Since Myself and two of students decided to establish a new Media club at University of Wollongong in Dubai, I thought that the new club social media accounts It could be a very great idea to make it this as my Digital artifact for my BCM114 this trimester, to know more click here to check out my Digital artifact pitch if you want to know more.

Two week now since I published UOWD social media accounts, first we worked on the club logo, this I took us long time to decide with which logo should go ahead, we decide our theme colors, and then we chose the logo design, It was difficult to pick one but we all agreed on this design.

I was very happy that everyone liked the logo, cridet goes to our executive member to be Fatima Omar :), Although, even the theme colors are very close to University theme Then we started our first post on Instagram and first tweet on twitter and we got a good number of followers in a day !

Later on, we had long Eid holiday, I thought about to Design Eid greeting to tweet it and post it on Instagram.

Once we back from Eid holiday, I planned the social Media posts for the coming weeks, I had a meeting with the executive members and I proposed the plan and then we discussed it and agreed on the upcoming social media activities that we will work on, since its the submission week for BCM114, I will go through the students bogs and DA’s to promote there work on UOWDMC platforms.

last semester, I worked on two different DA’s, and I managed it will, I reached to a good number of the followers on both DA’s instagram accounts as you can see below :

my target is to use my social media engagement experience to reach all the students in UOW Dubai and Australia students, then I will target to get followers from other universities in UAE, to showcase the talented media students in UOWD.

for now, we are working on the posts templets, tips posts and retweets to gain more attention online.

I know this blog is a bit short but another progress chart and updates will come soon once we are ready to hit on social media.

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