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UOWD Media Club, My new project !

It took me a time to decide if I’m going ahead with my last semester Digital Artifact project or should I work on a new project for the BCM114 this semester! 

I knew I was a bit late; but already my both previous projects are working and existing, so I was not worried. 

In the same period, I had a conversation with Dr. Michael Mallory about the UOWD Media Club, I was updating Dr. Michael abbot the apers work that I need to submit, plus he brought this DA project to me by telling me “I’m not sure what you did for your DA in BCM 112, but establishing this media club sure does sound like a DA project to me, for BCM 114, if you are interested” I was like wow, I really appreciate it, because that was on time for me, the advice and the direction, I really didn’t know how to thanks him yet. 

So, for this semester I have a new challenge by doing this new project, I’m very excited and I’m looking forward to achieving the target. 

OUWD Media Club, here we are … 

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