MAK The Horseman

UOWDMC, my BCM114 DA !

Last semester, I worked on two different Digital Artifacts, first one was an exciting and established DA ( We Horse Racing ), A horse racing digital magazine on different platforms like ( Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, website and a Mobile app)

We Horse Racing

The second one, I turned my privet Instagram and Twitter accounts to a public figure account ( Personal Branding), to share my lifestyle and daily journey with my followers (MAK The Horseman)

MAK The Horseman

For this semester, I was thinking to continue my both DA’s as a #BCM114 project, but guess what ?! I decided to go ahead with new projects!

Last semester, myself and one of the students we decided to establish and submit a new club at UOWD ( UOWD Media Club ) yes! a media club with a mission and vision, I promise I will publish more about the new club 😉

For now please write below in the comments your thoughts about the project and what you expecting the club will do ? as a student why you might need a media club ? how the club will help you while you having BCM program ? and if you are not a BCM student, please let me know what you are expecting from the club ? ( note : other programs students you will be involved as well:)

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