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Copyright on Social Media

We all know what dose copyright is, but the million $ question is ; in the world of Internet and the content creators world, dose the copyright exist ?

There is no control on this huge network, everyone can you your creation, or edit your creation and post it on internet. However, I noticed that some of social platform they protect the rights of certain people, as an example; if you created a video and you added Beyonce song, Instagram will block your post for the music copyrights ! but if you will replace it with music by unknown composer, then instagram never mind 🙂

In a way or another, even if you will chase one of the websites or social media platforms for your rights on a creation done by you and someone else post it by his own; it will take ages till this could be solve.

In this huge Internet world, i believe there is no proper copyrights system yet!

I made this creation to express my feelings towards the nowadays copyrights

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