MAK The Horseman

BCM 112 DA Pitch !

I was thinking how to start and write my first BCM112 Blog! I said you know what MAK, just introduce yourself first.

I have been into the Horse racing industry since I was young click here to know me more , So I decided to work on. two different Digital Artifact projects:

1- We Horse Racing : its and existing project that has a good number of audiences, Looking forward to grow this project.

2- MAK The Horseman : Its a personal blog, I share to the audience my work, lifestyle, experience plus other things I do and I like through different channels, simply its all about a horseman who do many other things.

checkout my video as well :

and also check out the Moodboard and links to both projects :

We Horse Racing

DA Platforms :

1- website :

2- Instagram :

3- Twitter :

4- Mobile App :

5- YouTube:

MAK The Horseman

DA Platforms :

1- Blog :

2- Instagram :

3- twitter :

4- YouTube:

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